Digitalisation is the dominant element in the radical ongoing transformation of personal mobility. It paves the way to a new driving experience, expands the possibilities for enhancing safety and comfort out on the road, and opens up new opportunities for efficient yet customer-focused development and manufacture of vehicles. The BMW Group is systematically forging ahead with digitalisation across all areas. Thanks to its capacity for innovation, not only does it develop cars and motorcycles for the premium segment that stir the emotions, it also devises customer-centric services that optimise the mobility experience as a whole. As part of the Digital Day 2018 event, the BMW Group is offering an insight into current product developments, technological concepts, innovations and manufacturing processes that will enable it to shape the future of mobility.

Today, the BMW Group is already blazing a trail for intelligent vehicle connectivity and the integration of digital mobility services. It is exploiting the potential of digitalisation to further strengthen its status as the leading provider of personal mobility at premium level. The BMW Group has defined the key areas that will form the stepping stones to digitalised and emission-free mobility in the future with its corporate strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT. In the process, it is driving forward the D-ACES themes (Design, Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Services) with particular vigour through considerable investment in research and development. The innovations and initiatives presented at Digital Day 2018 exemplify the company’s transformation into a mobility tech company.



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